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Hand Chain Hoists

Hand Chain Hoists

Hand operated manual chain hoists (also commonly known as a chain block or block and tackle) are a piece of portable lifting equipment available in versatile configurations; they are very adaptable to the many alterative working scenarios and working environments including permanent and temporary installations.
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Two Leg Chain Slings

Two Leg Chain Slings

Double leg chain slings have two separate links of chain that provide support for the lift. Again, with these slings, you have options that include master links with sling hook, foundry hook, or grab hook. Some come with a double endless basket and others are adjustable. Weight capacities can exceed 100,000 pounds for certain models.
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Pneumatic Tyre Turntable Truck

Pneumatic Tyre Turntable Truck

Platform trucks & trolleys are designed for moving bulkier items which are too big to be transported on a small footplate. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost manual handling solution we've got the right product for you. From classic platform trucks to convenient folding platform trolleys for easy storage and space-saving
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